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Apple I at the Smithsonian Museum
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Apple Carves Out A Special App Store Area For “Awesome iOS 4 Apps”. So, developers, lesson is get in early!

Infographic of the Day: The Rise of User-Generated Porn – oh wow. There is no comment i want to make on this one:)

Wanted: A Bike Basket Perfect for Eames Freaks – i love these! I wonder if could adapt for wheelchair?

This is a really insightful issue. I do struggle a bit with enthusiasm with the products i use that work, and atm, every damn Apple thing I have bought just works beautifully – and everyone who i have shown them to, (who has ended up getting them based on their enthusiasm more than my recommendation), has loved them too. iPad, iPhone, Macbook & Macbook Pro, and the screens, gorgeous screens – no, i love their stuff. My kids like Windows and Linux, and are also comfortable with my Mac.

Would not hesitate to sing praises of latest Ubuntu install either, mind you, and have told friends if you MUST use Windows, Windows 7 is pretty good – finally a Windows product I could use. I just really like the Apple products, the finish, the software.

Does that make me a fangirl? Possibly. I just can only recommend things that work well for me. Anyway : The Art of Being Pragmatic In a World of Fanboys.

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Geeky roundup du jour

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User Guide for iPhone 4 and iOS 4 Now Online.

iPhone 4 Is Fast, But Not As Fast As The iPad

Mac terminal users like me will love this – open terminal from Finder with OpenTerminal.

Dropbox For Chrome Browses, Downloads Files From The Popular Syncing Service

more Dropboxy goodness with  Add PDFs To Your iBooks Collection Using Dropbox

How To Sync iPhone Notes To Your Gmail Account

Opt Out Of Targeted iPhone iAds (But Not Location Tracking)

iPad Books Software Still Messy For Australians

What Telstra’s $11 Billion NBN Deal Means For Consumers

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