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User Guide for iPhone 4 and iOS 4 Now Online.

iPhone 4 Is Fast, But Not As Fast As The iPad

Mac terminal users like me will love this – open terminal from Finder with OpenTerminal.

Dropbox For Chrome Browses, Downloads Files From The Popular Syncing Service

more Dropboxy goodness with  Add PDFs To Your iBooks Collection Using Dropbox

How To Sync iPhone Notes To Your Gmail Account

Opt Out Of Targeted iPhone iAds (But Not Location Tracking)

iPad Books Software Still Messy For Australians

What Telstra’s $11 Billion NBN Deal Means For Consumers

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Terribly handy : How to Transfer Your Stanza E-Book Library to iBooks for iPad

Behold the iPad in All Its Glory
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How to Transfer Your Stanza E-Book Library to iBooks for iPad

I do love my Ebooks, and my iPad, and Stanza was much used on my iPhone, yet it was not quite right for my aging eyes…

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Stuff to read – iPad and iPhone Edition

Do iPhone Users Face a Draconian Future

Chat with Friends Across the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Nokia Devices

iPad App Store pushed internationally

Has the iPhone Lost Its Cool?

Wi-Fi Sync for iPhone video hands-on: it works!

Foldable Solar Panel to recharge iPad

Sneak Peek at Reeder for iPad

The iPad: Separating Play from Work

4 Awesome Free iPad Music Apps To Play With

You Don’t Want To Take Your Telstra 3G iPad Overseas

Open source video blimp controlled by an iPad

Trip Journal Turns Your Smartphone Into the Ultimate Trip Scrapbook

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