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A beach after an oil spill.
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HTML5 is gaining bigger exposure with Apple making a lot of noise about it, especially with the release of Safari 5 (and i thought nothing would make me switch from Chrome – but this did. I even have my much beloved Developer Tools). So, as this is part of what i do for a living, expect to see more about it here, (though, tbh, i generally Evernote 98% of such things – but this is a good general article, not a developer guide or technique). Prepare For Catchphrase, “HTML5 it!”

I quite liked the idea that Twitter Is So 10 Minutes Ago

BP has committed one of the most heinous acts of this century so far – and that is saying something, given our increasingly advanced ways of destroying, aiming, and generally damaging the planet and each other that we have to play with.  Here is somethign to make you want to take the BP executives out for a swim, say, in hot oily water…Infographic of the Day: BP’s Horrifying Safety Record

While we are at it with Twitter and BP,  ‘according to The New York Times, Twitter contacted @BPGlobalPR on Tuesday to remedy the identity issue (@BPGlobalPR is a parody account created by an anonymous user in response to the massive oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico). The twitterer in question poses as a clueless BP PR person, offering scathing commentary about the manner in which the spill has been dealt with. And, it seems, this week BP had had enough with the charade.“BP requested that the account holder be asked to comply with Twitter’s guidelines regarding parody,” read a statement from Twitter issued today. “Twitter subsequently provided suggestions of best practices that are found on our parody policy page.”BP and Twitter to @BPGlobalPR: Tell Them You’re Joking.

Mind you, BP has purchased sponsored links that appear at the top of Google and Yahoo’s search results for terms like “oil spill” in its attempts to improve its public image in the wake of its massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. BP Buys Top Google Result for “Oil Spill”.

With our increasing ability, and subsequent expecttion of being able to, stay connected jus about anywhere via wireless or 3G, what does one do when travelling?  They guys at Endgadget have some possible solutions – and some gotchas too, in their How-to stay connected while traveling internationally.

One for my quilting side -6.9 Machine Quilter’s Showcase Pictures Part 2 from the delightful Scientific Quilter, fantastic podcast and ideas on quilting AND science, bliss:) (Check out part 1 while you are there, gorgeous…)

And last, but never ever least, a Doctor Who funny:
Matt Smith
see more Lol Celebs

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What The iPhone 4 Tells Us About The iPad2

Steve Jobs while presenting the iPad in San Fr...
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The speculation begins The iPhone version 4 is out, we need  new series of Apple rumours to sustain us, we feed off them. Give us a conspiracy, a theory – anything!!! The iPhone 4 is a day old, iPad is two whole months – we are well overdue to start debating next versions of both I say!

Thankfully, we are rescued by Gizmodo Australia and  What The iPhone 4 Tells Us About The iPad 2.

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Terribly handy : How to Transfer Your Stanza E-Book Library to iBooks for iPad

Behold the iPad in All Its Glory
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How to Transfer Your Stanza E-Book Library to iBooks for iPad

I do love my Ebooks, and my iPad, and Stanza was much used on my iPhone, yet it was not quite right for my aging eyes…

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An Apple a day…

iPad with on display keyboard
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Some thoughts…

How The Apple iPad Is Changing The Way We Consume Media

Oh please oh please oh PLEASE…

7 anti-Apple cliches that need to die

Blink, blink….

Clients From Hell : The Forbidden Fruit

Mandatory shiny section…

10 Awesome Apple iPad Cases

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An open letter to Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs while presenting the iPad in San Fr...
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I think you must get sick of the negativity. You are a dreamer of dreams in a mundane world – and also pragmatic. You know there is just no pleasing some people, but you seem at times weary, at times stung, often just plain surprised at people being sp negative.

I love my iPhone. To utter distracted must know where it is levels. I tell everyone it will change their world, and without fail, though perhaps with reluctance, they all admit it has changed their lives for the better. Oh sure, you don’t NEED an iPhone, but you don’t need beauty or things to taste delicious or need entertainment. You just get to live rather than exist with such differences.

Those of us lucky enough to be able obtain one are enriched. Not all of us to the same degree – but oh, you must say so vastly the majority of us to such a large extent that you changed the very concept of a mobile phone.

I love the idea of Android. The more inspired by, striving, standing on the shoulders of giants, well, the better for the rest of us. Trickle down, I believe, (with some degree of knowledge of what it is inspiring people to attempt even in my small sphere), trickle down – change will build on change, and many will benefit from the vision that started with you.

Now the iPad. Wow. I know, more criticism.

I have read the disparaging reports – the iPad is not a laptop, is not a netbook. Which is completely correct, and gloriously so. What the critics call weakness is the strength of this device. It is a mini iPod. It is a shinier Kindle (that does more). That is merely little people with little minds and smaller dreams.

I read somewhere it is a solution to problems you didn’t know you have. An interesting start on it, yes. Yet not enough, and slightly negative in suggestion. You create inspiration, Mr Jobs. You are the Willy Wonka of my childhood, the Carl Sagan of my adolescence, awakening me to worlds of dreams, obtainable impossibilities.

I bought my iPad today, a slightly Sisyphean task (logistics, not any fault of the amazing staff at Next Byte Glenunga, who would have organised relays if Ancient Grecian fame to get stock to us faster. Tired as I was, in pain, recovering from nasty things happening to my back, they were upbeat and cheerful as my wheelchair and I paced in waiting).

I also bought with and for friends. None of us have been anything but excited. Techies to a person, I cannot remember a more consistent level of excitement at buying new tech. One always enjoys the new, but, Mr Jobs, you helped us become kids at Christmas again. Long after the unwrapping, that was a mere introduction to the main event.

I will not speak further if the others, for that is not mine to do. The general vibe and excitement is often belittled as ‘fanboys’, or copying the crowd, to have for the sake of having. Perhaps a few strange souls do that. Humanity is odd. That is just fine by me. So I speak for myself.

This device, this hard to classify technology is the stuff of magic to adults. Children accept it more readily as so – and the older generations accept the inevitable incomprehensible magic if technology much better than we cynical, greedy, please us now types.

Arthur C Clarke wrote famously : “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” In this vase, you have reached the zenith of that concept, the utmost peak.

I love my iPhone. My Macbook Pro and the nice 24″ screen are indispensable for development. Thank you for game changing technology.

For the iPad, thank you, for the forgotten sense of wonder and possibility. In a field that has always set my imagination on fire, there is a blaze, a conflagration of potential. It will settle, but remain burning strongly, fuelled afresh as others strive to stand on the shoulders of giants – of the giant – again.

You plant not seeds, but mighty ideas, so large that people must merely imitate to even begin to hope of improving on. They will, some always do. App developers will be fired again, and for every 10000 mundane apps, something as wonderful as your initial dream will be realised.

You are a visionary, and you create in the medium of today. Leonardo Da Vinci would have grokked you. You dream big dreams of things we don’t know we need yet, ahead of their time. He sketched helicopters as well as slightly smirking women. Beauty and function were all the same to him, execution, form, style.

As an Open Source by nature and inclination I long resisted your siren call. I think I understand now the purity of your vision drives you to control in ways we do not always understand or like. I wish that could be different, and a compromise be found. I am hopeful always of that. Yet to not buy due to purity of principle is to not dream unless it meets my highest standards. This surpasses my dreams, ways will be found for the standards, if the dream is magic enough.

It is magic enough. This is a shameless paeon of praise. You’ve earnt it. Let all of us with little voices be heard to counter the big criticisms. Dream on, dreamer.

Thank you,


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Monday reading…

Lifehacker has some interesting stuff, tech and non tech related :

Generate Hot Water With Your Compost Heap

Clean Your Bathtub With A Grapefruit And Some Salt

Five Best Personal Web Hosts

Or just flick through Last Week’s Best Posts

From other sites:
Why Amazon Should Worry About Google App Engine for Business

A friend of mine wrote this article, good to see talent getting out there! Mubi: A Social Network To Watch Movies Online For Free

11+ Computer Security Apps to Keep Your Freelancing Business Safe

The Unanswered Questions About Google TV

Sound Sunday: 5+ Free MP3 Downloads From Indie / Rock Bands

Geek fun for us iNerds – Yes, You Can Create Plugins for iPhone OS, and Soda machine controlled by iPhone app

Tech heads in the cloud – So You Wanna Be a SaaS Provider?

I will be waiting for this, hope they get it right! Mark Twain’s autobiography to be finally published, 100 years after his death – Boing Boing

From the sublime to the ridiculous – confused is a very, very kind word…Sarah Palin Is Very, Very Confused

Now, we know there is not going to be two contenders in corners, coming out for a good clean fight, don’t we, when Apple and Google are at war, (though one must confess, thumping someone into a bloody stupor has never struck me as particularly good, clean, or fair…). Talkcast tonight: chronicling the first shots in the Google/Apple Wars.

HUGE Evernote fan, so this is interesting. I have stopped being a twitter slave, only Google Buzz now and then, so i am not sure if this could lure me back in any way – When Seesmic met Evernote

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iPad news roundup for Australia and beyond…

Guess what i have on order?:) Bring on May 28! (Pity is week AFTER my operation, could have been stuck in bed with shiny new iPad to compensate. Ahh well:)

Apple’s iBooks Store Launching On iPad May 28 | Gizmodo Australia.

How To Control The iPad With A Magic Mouse [Video].

Achieving A Great iPad – Mac Setup.

ABC Working On iView App For iPad | Gizmodo Australia.

iMockups for iPad, Wireframing at the Nudge of a Finger.

Optus Details Its iPad Data Plans | Gizmodo Australia.

Bento for iPad: Your Personal Database | iPhone.AppStorm.

Skype for iPad Coming This Summer.

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Techie stuff today

Unrequited love: Adobe’s latest response to Thoughts on Flash | Macgasm.

The HTML5 Readiness Chart Highlights How Well Your Browser Handles The Future | Lifehacker Australia.

100 Incredibly Useful & Free Mac Apps | Mac.AppStorm.

Facebook’s Huge Maze Of Privacy Options Mapped Out | Lifehacker Australia.

Why Being A Geek Makes You Happy | Lifehacker Australia.

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