Make-up can be a complete pain in the ass Mamamia

Make-up can be a complete pain in the ass Mamamia.

Well, I have a confession – I turned 45 in Feb – and I’ve just STARTED wearing a bit of makeup.

Powder, eyeliner, skerrick of blush, a clear gel for my already long lashes (damn lucky genetics there), and some lippy (wonderful side effect, my lips aren’t as dry from air cond any more. Oh and Neroli Jasmine perfume. Have long long LONG loved that. All (yes, all) ethical  products.

I have also started dressing nicely ( #Metallicus, I adore you). I feel more confident, and as a disabled woman in a male dominated world (I am a developer in mobile phone software, a research project co founder, and as of next semester, adjunct Uni lecturer), it really changed my outlook.

Of course, I do none of this without the input of daughters two and three, Ms almost 20, and Ms 17.5.  Ms17.5 is my accessories critic of a morning – a gay daughter who loves playing the role of critic to the HILT, imagine your own episode of Queer Eye…:))

I wish I had known how to do this years ago, but I was busy (from age 19 onwards), being as good a mum as I could be, while working on IT stuff. And I was younger….

Do I think all women SHOULD have to? Aww HELL no! But it has worked, in reverse for me. It is kind of like my uniform, getting me into work mode. I do use makeup wipes (no soap or alcohol) in car now on way home – start the process back into daggy mum mode:) and I also love not doing anything on the weekend:)

Fooey, Facebook, Farewell.

I know, I tried once before. I didn’t manage it. But tbh, the last few months have seen me avoid Facebook, except to update The Serval Project Page. I now have an identity to do that, and find I am merely annoyed and overwhelmed by Facebook. I have so much happening in life, that I avoid responding. It is making me rude. I don’t like being that. And I guess the story today of cookies from Facebook tracking you even when logged out was the final straw. Also see this ridiculous Facebook Timeline (Facebook Invaded My Privacy, And All I Got Was This Lousy Timeline). Enough already.

I find am actually interested in engaging people now the dread of it Facebook had instilled in me is gone. But why the dread?

I think the simple answer is, many people do a lot on Facebook, and I just became overwhelmed. Guiltily, the unanswered messages piled up.  Facebook, like me when the kids rooms are beyond my acceptability limit, turned into a screaming +10 monster of nagginess. Actually, I am much more mellow…I just remove tech from their reach until fixed – or unleash Daddy (the Gary Larson cartoon featuring a small boy in front a whiteboard with formulae, and a professorish man with a pointer standing next to it, with caption ‘eventually Billy came to dread his father’s lectures as a form of punishment’ is terribly apt here:) ).  Anyway, Facebook is starting to feel like the Internet‘s version of the beginnings of an abusive relationship. Questioning me endlessly about what I am doing, who I am seeing. Tracking me endlessly. Demanding endlessly. That is a lot of endlessly:) Yes, hyperbole, but I honestly came to dread Facebook emails.

I do participate more on Google+, I have found. That might be temporary, but I am more comfortable there. Twitter I don’t mind dipping in and out of, but have never found the right tool to wade through the flood of information. I would love to, so recommendations, please!

So, henceforth, all will centre back with my blog, Google Plus, (this is me) and sometimes, Twitter (me there too). My blog updates Twitter. I update Google+, until APIs from Google allow me to blog-> + the same way,with a nifty plugin. Posterous occasionally will be kept in mix to update log, Tumblr,(which just mirrors this blog, so nbd), and Twitter all at once, in lazy fashion.

So if you want to actually interact, Google Plus, or here on blog:)

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More on why Stephen Conroy is a secret commie spy…

Chinese poster featuring Marx, Engels, Lenin, ...
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Once people had a fear there was ‘a red under every bed‘. A 1950’s ocmmunist fear that led to the Anti Communist trials of Joe McCarthy in Hollywood, those despicable equivalents of the Salem witch trials.

Now, it seems we have been right all along, but didn’t know it. Th fear the faceless communist masses would swallow us up and we would lose our precious freedoms were dismissed as nonsense. However, Stephen Conroy has done all but declare his allegience to Chairman Mao.

I have previously mocked our great Senator *coughing fit at use of word great* here. He seems determined to move from mere laughing stock to full threat to democracy. Man obviously is ambitious….

First a few articles from ZDNET AU

Inside Australia’s data retention proposal Telecommunications industry sources have called the claims by Attorney-General media relations that web browsing history would not be recorded in a controversial data retention proposal “a bit cute” and a question of terminology and semantics.”

Yet it gets better : Govt wants ISPs to record browsing history “Companies who provide customers with a connection to the internet may soon have to retain subscriber’s private web browsing history for law enforcement to examine when requested, a move which has been widely criticised by industry insiders.

Now TIME has noticed the great debat…debacle.

First, China. Next: the Great Firewall of… Australia?“The concept of government-backed web censorship is usually associated with nations where human rights and freedom of speech are routinely curtailed. But if Canberra’s plans for a mandatory Internet filter go ahead, Australia may soon become the first Western democracy to join the ranks of Iran, China and a handful of other nations where access to the Internet is restricted by the state.”

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An Apple a day…

iPad with on display keyboard
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PrompterPal has everything you’d expect from a teleprompter application. The ability to edit your text, increase and decrease font size, mirror your screen, and control scroll speed are all a quick menu away – and read the rest of the quite glowing PrompterPal for the iPad Review.

Yes, not everyone wants an iPad. I know, i was shocked, shocked i tell you!;) Anyway, here are 10 Netbooks to Try as an Alternative to the iPad.

There is an amazing array of really excellent drawing apps for all ranges, requirements, and levels of skill already on the iPad. I do have to agree with comments made on a recent post, here is where a stylus would come in handy. Of course, being Apple, they are only  an accessory away. GIYF there, my friends – and if you find a good one, please let me know, i am on the prowl for one.Anyway, peruse this review of  iDraw for iPad, Your Illustrator for iPad in the meantime:)

A security breach has exposed iPad owners – they could be vulnerable to spam marketing and malicious hacking, via Apple’s Worst Security Breach: 114,000 iPad Owners Exposed. Yet Boing Boing has it that AT&T security breach exposed 114k iPad users – it isn’t Apple at fault, but the ever popular AT&T, and other iPad users can breathe easier. Only At&T users suffer. Again, forom what it seems!

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Facebook updates – Zuckerberg realises the oops but not the magnitude

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook
Image via Wikipedia

Facebook privacy update simplify for users, hurts business model

Does Facebook Have a Fatal Cultural Problem?

Zuckerberg: It’s Not About the Ads!

How To Find Out If Your Facebook Account Has Been Hacked

Mark Zuckerberg: We Don’t Know What We’re Doing with Location Yet

Facebook Acquires Private Content-Sharing Startup Sharegrove

A Guide To Facebook’s New, Simpler Privacy Controls | Lifehacker Australia

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General online world….

Online Reputation Management Now a Full-time Job

Google Chrome hits version 5, brings stability to Mac and Linux — Engadget

Make: Online : Crabfu’s DIY iPad stylus

The Ultimate 5 Ways to Go Green on Your Computer

2 Free iPad Twitter Clients

How To Make Animated GIF Images

(Yeah, right!!!) British scientist becomes first human ‘infected’ with a computer virus — Engadget

It’s Time To Tell Mum About Internet Censorship | Gizmodo Australia

The Complete Australian iPad SIM Plan Guide | Lifehacker Australia

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Facebook CEO finally gets that people are a tad annoyed…

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO, dur...
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Facebook CEO: “We’ve Made a Bunch of Mistakes”

No kidding! Nice of you to admit it (albeit in a kind of elusive business speak way) – but the solutions hinted at are still opt out based – not opt in. In other words,unless you know enough to make yourself more private (which Facebook has claimed it will be easier to do, at least), then i am afraid you are still at risk. That is small comfort.

Sorry when people are angry and leaving, btw, is not much of a sincere mea culpa, it is more of a sign of business concern. Bottom line, anyone who believes they genuinely care for people is seriously self delusional.

A second article caught my eye : Why Facebook Must Get Serious About Privacy.Hope that the powers that be at Facebook stop being dazzled by success, and start planning for the long term. Myspace, Geocities, AOL – communities come and go. Sure, Facebook has the volume now – but people are fickle…and if offered a more secure, private option with the same ability to connect, well, why should they show loyalty to Facebook when it has never been reciprocal?

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