What’s on my mind? Some very strong make my back stop swit the spazms medication. Yeah. Not getting works done so an actual wick day. I think I may look at this later and oops. Umm. Don’t care. Pain sucks and I couldn’t breathe for it but not moving and heat pack and stumper string extra nasties that I loathes taking and lying down and not moving and at least I can breathe which is good thing yes, .somedays I wish I could leave this body which is useless to anyone lose and fly away form pain but will not leave minor kid lets.mbutn one day no more pain and no more brain numbing drugs, I wanted to work on thesis and instead I’m rambling. Not dribbling but rambling which isn’t like not drowning waving, a magic band, nor is it not waving drowning. Thanks Virginia Wolfe,I grok. Umm daddy bought me tea. Yes he is still my daddy when I am vulnerable. Pain is lonely scary and I’ll take what I can in comforts. I hope I’ve excluded majority of students btw, the few remaining I’m pretty sure know this stuff. Ninibyes yay autocorrect ,

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