Productivity in the time of toothache

Toothache (medication plus ten pregnancies = tooth issues) meant an ‘emergency traumatic surgery’ last Friday. I am still healing, and almost on real people food, so that is good. Relieved what was a decidedly vile ordeal was resolved, but missed out on family trip away. Persuaded all to go, and they had a rousing good time. I stayed home and waited for the somewhat surprisingly epic bleeding to settle and sewed in bed with a very sad Jack Russell. Larry the wonder dog prefers his family with him – where they belong. I also decided to make a small batch of a few jars of jam from left over Xmas fruits – apricots and nectarines. Family got home and were delighted with jam.

Then the apricot tree in our backyard decided all the apricots must ripen in this warm summer weather yesterday, with varying degrees of ready from now down to mid almost,(you can pick them mid ripeness and they will continue to ripen). The birds were trying to swoop on them. then dad called to say he had two bags of apricots from HIS tree. So cooking has commenced.

We have also been dealing with a large amount of honey. The honey is mangrove and mallee flavoured, as in those were the areas the bees hung put in – makes for unique honey. We got a huge bucket of it, and have decanted it into jars for gifts.

So far, we have made 18 jars of apricot jam (including some huge ex coffee jars), and fifteen of honey (we gave a lot of honey away for Xmas). Still have half an esky full of apricots, so next batch of jam is on, plus a batch of apricots in dehydrator. And I am trying to manage a cup of tea in my quest to resume grown up nomming.

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