I am a tea addict, but not in politics.

‘Tea Party’ to whip up a political storm | News.com.au.

Australians should remember the initial burst of that similarly platformed One Nation (often called ‘One Notion’ by the sane among us), that  drove the then conservative government of John Howard to start the trend of freaking out about ‘boat people’ (Tampa and children overboard and other lies told to support their policies). This has led to consecutive governments being ‘tough on refugees’, picking on the highly visible but low percentage of actual refugees desperate enough to come over on rickety boats piloted by money grabbing shysters who dump them often just offshore from (IF they are lucky) sparsely populated areas. Often not even that good:((

We have a Labor party (translation, Democrat in US Imperial), that is similarly ‘tough’. A minority, but hanging on with a coalition of the few Independents, and the Greens, who have been sodding useless (the  independents otoh rock). The upcoming election will be bitter, and hard fought. Both sides, in short, will kick up the latent bigotry in conversation here, and there will be a repeat of the fracturing but with even more damag. Also, we do not have any decent or strong leaders among the politicians, rather two of the most loathed leaders on both sides in history (at the same time), both of whom are desperately hanging to said leadership, so will jump on any bandwagon – with the Liberal leader (Republican) being as right wing anti abortion Catholic religious as you can get while trying to pretend some moderation behind it. For the first time in my voting life, these is not a single party that I can even hold my nose and vote for, and many on both sides feel the same. They are reflections of each other, tweedledum and tweedledummer:(
The new group will drag politics right while not actually getting significant real vote, just lots of noisy support until polling day rolls around. They will drag both sides down, as happened in the US, in a race to appease perceived popular support that is just sound and fury, signifying nothing. I have seen what they have done to the US, in the name of chasing some lovely 1950s rosy vision of a nice clean white middle America that never existed, wholesome God fearing communities, a land of milk and honey, no poverty, all equal….
Skin colour is often at heart of the issue there. Asian or Arabic here, the very otherness of cultures threatens us. However, our indigenous culture is apart, often in third world conditions, and we blame them for it, in racist tones even the Americans would blush at. And we started to get better from that,  we weren’t good, but getting better. Sorry day, recognition of past wrongs. Kevin Rudd – we had removed Howard, boted in Kevin. It has come out that he was personally an apparent horror to work with, but he made the community feel better, move forward. Party politics removed him,and the same with Malcolm Turnbull on the other side, we got Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott –  and the culture has slid inexorably backwards. And now this. Poor fella, my country.
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