Owning Social Networks (without them owning you)

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A list of fixes for social networks made me start commenting with my own list, and it got longer than my one or two sentence post to a socnet alone rule. These become actual blog then socnet posts. And that is rule number 1.

2. I am not owned by my socnets. Sometimes I answer a comment. I guarantee I read every single response, but unless it merits a reply, I merely acknowledge and note whether that is someone I will follow more closely. I do not have time for anything else.

3. I try to allocate a session each day, a half to one hour postarama, with augments throughout day if I stumble across articles I find interesting. For everything I post interests me. If I miss a day due to

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busy life, well, so be it.

4. I post only for me, and never look at viewing numbers, and only occasionally check out how many are following – for what do those numbers mean?

5. I am trying to blog once a day on longer form things that interest me – see rule one. More if something makes me want to, else one is sufficient, and see rule 3.

6. I sanity check email one big burst a day, trying for the same time each day, then allow ten minutes each two hour block to sanity check. Again, it does not own me, and I have had no complaints. Of course I am still drowning in it, but it helps!

7. If multiple socnets, post once, disseminate everywhere. Things like IFTTT.com or various extensions and plugins allow you to blog then post to many networks – Google Plus feeds through to Twitter. I have tried but failed due to Google Plus API to do blog (WordPress) to G+ then Twitter and Tumbler, but I have. WP extension to try tomorrow that may work, but I have to lower security and turn off two factor authentication, thanks Google, that sucks.

8. No, no Facebook, too hard and too socially weird for me, I tried a couple of times and ended up overwhelmed, and being friended by people who aren’t of course really friends. I prefer quality. The way G+ handles relationships just works better for me, and I despise FB rules on privacy.

9. I also handle accounts for Flinders Uni CSEM, so Hootsuite is my friend. As is having the same tools configured on every platform/tool, so I can quickly post.

10. GOTO 1 ;)

Top 10 Facebook, Twitter And Other Social Annoyances You Can Fix Now | Lifehacker Australia.

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