The great leap forward?

Screen capture of original Hamster Dance.
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Are we looking at the next wave of the Web, the new way forward, leading to exciting levels of interactivity heretofore unimaginable, or at least, only able to be semi kludged together? Are we entering a bright new future? Or are we about to clog up bandwidth with Hamster Dance on a whole new scale? Will Rick Astley type memes become even more annoyingly interactive?

The answer is probably yes. Much of the above. A lot more besides – these things always promise much, but the law of unintended consequences does lead to some interesting offshoots – not always good. Especially if it involves hamsters. However, from a coding perspective, I absolutely and enthusiastically embrace it. HTML 5, CSS3 – AJAX by any other name would still smell as sweet. From a consumer perspective, it offers me many interesting options – and some rather disturbing possibilities, questions about location based services and privacy, for one starting point.

Progressive enhancement. Disconnected offline applications. There is a tension brewing in how we deliver applications on the Web. This isn’t a new tension. It has been around ever since we started to do more than just throw HTML down the pipe for the hypertext document runtime to render.” via Ajaxian » The march to a more client-centric Web; Will the mobile Web, HTML5, and Chrome Web Apps be the tipping point?.

We’re at the brink of shifts in the way we do things. The monks who have been toiling away on these new pieces of machinery are coming out of the monolith and starting to spread the word to the people.” via The State of HTML5 Apps.

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