I know Senator McCain didn’t get the Internet…

Political Irony › Does McCain flip-flop, or can he just not remember his positions?.

Senator McCain is demanidng funding to putup a fence in ARizona to stop illegal immigrants.A fence he voted AGAINST. A fence he voted AGAINST finishing.

I know he is facing a tough reelection battle as the Republican party reaps the seeds of self destruction it sowed with the Tea Party. I also know during his ill fated and, in the end, quite strangely pitiful 2008 Presidential campaign,(Sarah Palin, Senator? Ultimate practical joke, major troll, or performance art piece – or just sheer blind stupidity in grabbing anything with an X chromosome to get disgruntled Hillary Clinton voters?), he was quite upfront in his sheer ignorance of the INternet, almost proud of it, as if there was something good and right about that. A bad ploy, imho…

Anyway, the man who had some respect on both sides for comporting himself with some dignity previously, proud of his ‘maverick’ appellation, who seemed to have a shred of decency, threw his mask aside, and showed himself willing to sell all and anyone to gain a seat. This behaviour, this strange ‘who will remember’ approach of his is in evidence here.

See, Senator – that Internet doohickey – there are lots and lots of actual people on it. We remember.

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