We challenge the culture of violence when…

…we ourselves act in the certainty that violence is no longer acceptable, that it’s tired and outdated no matter how many cling to it in the stubborn belief that it still works and that it’s still valid.

A prominent tech/geek blogger, Kathy Sierra, is having to hide because of threats of violence and sexual assault on a number of blogs, in response to criticisms and responses to debates. This is not free speech, it is abuse, and it is intolerable. Noone is required to agree with anything anyone else says, but you damn well should be not be violent in your response.

The police regard this as criminal behaviour, and rightly so. This is unacceptable, whether on or offline, and we must not allow this sort of behaviour to continue unopposed.

From a Manic Street Preacher’s song:

If you tolerate this, then your children will be next.

Robert Scoble, who has been criticised by Kathy in the past, has blogged in revulsion and shock at her treatment….
Feministing also has a discussion on it.

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